Homespun Style with Selina Lake

This week a new book I photographed arrived at my door ‘Homespun Style’.
Selina Lake and I had worked on it a year ago and it was a total delight to see the
cheerful book and also remember all the lovely homeowners who looked after us so
well and all the adventures and laughs we had en route.

Some of the homeowners included:
Jeanette Lunde

Jansna Janekovic



Worlds best lights



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6 Responses to Homespun Style with Selina Lake

  1. The pages i’ve seen so far on several blogs look so very delightful! Can’t wait to add this book of yours to my collection. Congrats!

  2. Kat says:

    I love the work you and Selina did on the book.
    Every page is so full of light colour and happiness
    It’s such an inspiring book, thankyou Debi
    Kat x

  3. Rosey Dootson (Davidson) says:

    for my birthdya i got a flea market book and the photos were taken by you. My husband and daugther remember me talking about you and they saw the book with your name on. We have all loved looking at the book. Your photography is amazing, my daughter has moved into her first home and she was getting ideas on what to do in her house – Rosey

    • Debi says:

      its so nice to hear from you, thanks for lovely comments! Someone was asking me the other day what the interiors were like growing up in Zimbabwe….I had to laugh do you remember….. I think brass standard lamps were the main feature, hope you are well xxx

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