Laura Lee

Its been so long since I updated my blog. Even my portrait looks outdated…sadly I don’t look better or younger! Real life seems to have taken over… most of which involves children and solving endless problems which leave writing a blog pure luxury……so they are all back to college, school or jammed in a cupboard and I have a tea in hand so happily able to share a job I did that too was a joy in the making.

I am not one to ever find jewellery I like but by the end of the day i felt sick with want…its all amazing and so were the lovely ladies from Laura Lee and I am still wearing my lovely bracelet!


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2 Responses to Laura Lee

  1. Laura Lee Jewellery says:

    This was such a wonderful two days, thank you so much for the beautiful venue and gorgeous photos! We came away with the perfect images for our lookbook, new friends, a love for Rye bread and even a tiny kitten! What more could we ask for! x

  2. Kat says:

    I love the photos you took for Laura Lee, I have one of her tiny key necklaces, but these images make me want something from the new collection!
    especially like the vintage embroidered tablecloths you incorporated
    Kat x

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