Some of the books I have worked on:

In Detail by Hans Blomquist

Imperfect Home By Mark and Sally Bailey

Reclaiming Style with Maria Speake and Adam  Hills

(From Retrovivous)

The Natural Home with Hans Blomquist

Simple Home with Mark & Sally Bailey

Handmade Home with Mark and Sally Bailey

Vintage Home with Sarah Moore

Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Home by Pearl Lowe

Outdoor Living by Selina Lake

Homespun Style with Selina Lake

Modern Vintage Style with Emily Chalmers

Recycled Style with Mark and Sally Bailey

Flea Market Style with Emily Chalmers

Contemporary Country with Emily Chalmers

Decorate with Holly Becker

Decorate Workshop with Holly Becker

Homemade Gifts Vintage Style with Sarah Moore

Romantic Style with Selina Lake

Bazaar Style with Selina Lake

Children’s Spaces with Judith Wilson

French Market with Joanne Harris /Fran Warde

French Kitchen with Joanne Harris /Fran Warde

Eat Drink Live with Fran Warde

Tea with Hattie Ellis

Coffee with Hattie Ellis

Dutch Cooking with Janny de Moor

Heavenly Chocolate with Linda Collister

Naturally Scented Home with Julia Bird