main view

Running Flush/My Dream One

This bathroom blew me away! I honestly wanted to spend a day in it and it inspired me….well first I would have to live somewhere warm then I would have …
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couldn't quite tell which was the wall and which was the mirror

Flush/Steel Loo

I am not quite sure why but I started doing a series of pictures of bathrooms/loos .I think I was inspired one night after a few glasses of wine in …
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I love this

Homespun Style with Selina Lake

This week a new book I photographed arrived at my door ‘Homespun Style’. Selina Lake and I had worked on it a year ago and it was a total delight …
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seating area


Some of the most favourite objects in my home come from a friend’s shop, Larache in Calvert Street, London. The quietly spoken Hassan Hajjaj, is both artist and designer of …
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Moroccan Inspiration

I recently took these pictures and hope they may inspire you as the subject inspired me. There is something so unique about Morocco, some of the poorest people on the …
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Handmade Home

Hand Made Home

I just opened my post to find a copy of the Bailey’s new book ‘Hand Made Home’. We photographed the book last year and it was a lovely surprise to …
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I love all the attention to detail

Chambre ‘d Amis

A while ago I photographed this interesting person’s apartment in Amsterdam…. Anke … who has a fascinating shop in Amsterdam called and …she just happened to also have a …
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weed 1


There’s Weed and then there is weed……I got caught in the rain on a windy beach in Dorset with some friends and thought I would amuse myself and take a …
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loved this counter top

Hidden Gem……..

Have you ever been traveling and hoping on the journey you meet someone who quietly recommends somewhere and it turns out to be amazing, special and totally unique and…. totally …
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my breakfast for one....

The glamourous world …………

  I have been lucky enough to be working in a different county every week for the last few weeks. Selina Lake and I have been photographing her new book ‘Homespun …
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